About Us

The Facts

About Us

My-Sidekick is more than just an answering service; we are your right-hand, your assistant, your sidekick! We’ve been helping businesses, clinics, firms, practices and everything in between with front office solutions for almost 70 years. Times have changed a lot since 1948 and we’ve changed with them. Our experience in customer service is extensive and our ability to adapt is why we’re still one of the top answering services in North America. Try us for free for 10 days with our no obligation trial and experience how we can make you look like a hero!

Our Core Values

These values are what we live by every day. They guide use through our work and hold us accountable to our clients.




We are honest and reliable. We do the right thing always and take ownership over everything that we do.




In every facet of our work we are respectful, courteous and conscientious.

This starts from the initial sales call, to our phone conversations to the day to day operations. Our attention to the details and being invested in each other and in our clients provides an excellent experience for all.




We are a cohesive unit, we help each other, we teach each other and we work towards our goals together.

Collaboration, cooperation and co-ordination make us a strong team.